What Is Virgin Hair Extensions And Why To Choose It?

What Is Virgin Hair Extensions And Why To Choose It?

Nowadays, there are many women who look for the human hair wigs to enhance their beauty. But while buying the hair bundles, they often come across the word “Virgin Hair” and ask themselves what is virgin hair and should I choose it or not. Well, here is the answer to your questions that makes easy for you to take the right decision about your hair extensions and make them stunning as you always wanted.



What does “Virgin Hair Extension” mean?

Virgin hair is basically a chemically unprocessed natural human hair which is donated by a single donor. It’s a 100% pure hair which is free from bleaches, dyes, perms and hard washes. The each bundle of the virgin hair extension is made from the hair of same donor. This hair is also a Remy hair which means it is collected from the donors head using the method that keep hair intact and the hairs cuticles in proper alignment. As the result, the virgin hair extensions remain silkier and softer. It is notable that all Remy’s hair are not virgin hair as some companies sell colored or perm hair so check it carefully before making a purchase.



Why to choose it?

As Virgin Hair come from single donor, the hair bundles comes in different textures and wave patterns. This means, buyer gets the variety to choose the right option as per her styling. One can simply match the color and texture as per the requirement and opt for the piece that gives more consistency. To get the right amount of hair, one can even buy the number of bundles of same texture and wavy pattern that comes from same donor.

Premium quality is another reason to choose the virgin hair extensions. It has nice natural layered effect that is very beautiful and gives shinny appearance. If it’s properly taken care, it lasts for a longer time period.  


Virgin Hair Extension is highly recommended for people looking for hair bundles that are -free and tangle-free, give full and gorgeous volume. It is just that one choose the right option in order to experience the nice, luxurious, and smooth hair.