Summer 2019 Hair Extensions for Extensions

Do you currently have hair extensions and wondering which hairstyles are trending for this spring / summer, and are they suitable for all women who wear hair extensions?

Are you interested in the extensions installed in the near future, and wondering which styles will you wear this summer?

And do not look!

Expansionists are studying this year’s hottest hair trends, straight away from the runway, and every glance is appropriate for our beautiful extensions customers!

1. Rocker Meat Bohemian Chic

Yes it’s right! Loose rocker, yet decently chic Bohemian seems bumped and bombs! This super erotic, flowing beak trend for 2013! I personally hope that this look stays around for the coming years because it looks so intuitive!
Will your hair extensions be affected? no at all! Because this look is so smoothly beautiful, in order to achieve this, your extension will not require many heat tools, which means that your extension is likely to last for a very long time! (With proper maintenance of the course).

During the period of your installation, your hair will look innocent, because Extendist is standing with certified Bohyme branded hair only! It is guaranteed to be free, confused and double drag, you will be able to use hair again for a year or more! (But in another blog post on our hair …)
In addition, your extension can be set up in many ways to achieve various density and colors, including the popular Ombras, as well as highlights!

Has been the day of excessive damage!

2. Professional, playful curls

Now on the sleek, professional yet humbly curly curly trend. More than ever, long bouncing curls are coming back and for a professional woman, this is especially true. Every woman wants to look beautiful even if they have to spend office or similar days.

There are many changes in this trend, including our first picture, which shows “flip”, which can be easily achieved by using a flat iron within 5 minutes! The next half is straight and half curl (shown in photo2), which can be curled with a flat iron by obtaining large sections in 10 minutes and then move your fingers to separate them.

Of course, our Bohem certified hair extensions are made of 100% remy human hair, and are able to keep your hair perfect as you like, thus giving every woman the ability to make any of these visually appealing forms Meets!

3. Messy Up and Braids

With any trend of this year, the ways and means of changing these changes are unique to you and your personal style. It’s amazing about hair fashion! This is especially true about the up-to-tre trend this year, which fortunately is for those women who enjoy wearing extensions for their length + fulfillment, this year’s focus on up-to-the-low and side pony It is centered, in many forms, there is also mess, loose bands!

At a glance which I was seeing on the runway (which I posted here too), there is a side part in a low pony. The main feature of focus here is the side part which can be seen everywhere on Ralph Lauren and Versa Runway. Can focus on pony, as I said, many changes to pronounce your personal style!

In addition, brands are still this year, however, because the focus is more messy, Bohemian look, so its only suit is that our brands follow this trend. Therefore, the side of the side, the story of a messy fish, with a little pony this year is the ultimate in hair fashion!

* Tip: Brush a little back and mash your pony and then set it in a small amount of hair spray!

If you have more questions on any of these looks, and how to get them using the hair extensions, feel free to ask me for your free tutorial while I’m on my chair!

Stay tuned for more blog posts than expansive, which will always focus your topics on hair extensions, so that you can enjoy your long, luscious hair – for a long time!