ON SALE !!! Clip in Extensions 100% Remy Human Hair Balayage (18/60) FULL SHINE

It is not recommended to use clips in hair extensions every day. If your hair is slim, then the clips in the hair extensions are definitely not for you! Clips in hair extensions are usually heavy (sewing a lot of hair on clip weight) and keep a lot of weight on your hair.

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Material: 100% remy human hair: natural, durable, reusable, easy makeup. Dyed, curls, straight, wash and can be cut. Can not bleach.

Color: Color # 4 Chocolate Brown Fading To # 1

Texture: natural straight, and a natural wave when airy or diffused with wet or left.

Clips: High quality clips with silicon

Package: 10 pcs / set: 1 * 8 “cloth with 4 clips; 1 * 7” cloth with 3 clips; 2 * 6 “Wefts with 3 Clips; 2 * 4” Wefts with 2 Clips; 4 * 1.5 “wafts with 1 clips.

How to wear clips in extensions:

If you will work from the bottom, start your hair off and keep it at the top of your head.

If your hair is washed fresh, make sure to add some grit to your roots using a dry shampoo before adding hairspray to the roots. This will hold more clips so they will not slide out.

Close the hair in small pieces and use backcomb to stir the roots where the clip will be.

The pieces of hair are either two or three clips (very small pieces are only one for Filler). Be sure to open all the combs.

Attach the clip where you have backcomb, sliding it off in the area that has been truncated, and closing the clip. Be sure to get the edge of the pieces of hair as close to your skull as possible.

Once you have attached a piece, then attach one inch width of hair to attach more pieces.

Spread the roots of that stream to hold more with Hairspray.

Once again, on the roots of the hair, backcomb, which is not paying extra attention to disturb the pieces already sticking.

Secure the next hair piece just like before.

Keep side pieces over the ear make up so that the clips stay away so that they do not appear once, so that you can reduce your hair (a good guideline is not in front of your ear). It’s okay if the pieces overlap with each other, just make sure to clip on your hair, not the extension.

Once you’ve added all the pieces, move the remaining hair on top of your crown and close it to backcombed. It will add more texture to the hair and better hide the pieces.

Backcombage in the middle of the top of your head, in the extension.

Once you leave the top portion of your hair behind, spray it with hairspray and make the extension a camouflage to ensure it all day. Since extensions are made of human hair, you can use any product or heat tool to mix them with your natural hair.

Care and use

About color: The hair can be colored. It is easy to deepen hair in order to lighten the hair as a general rule. But always test a small sample first.

About Wash: Wash your hair extensions gently in lukewarm water, apply a little sulphate-free shampoo, rub the shampoo and place the hydration conditioner. rinse thoroughly.

About the comb: Remember to brush your hair before and after use, please with a soft bristle brush; Make sure all knots and tangles are gone! Never comb through your hair extensions, while they are wet and when they are dry only use hot appliances

Take care of hair while sleeping: Always keep in mind, never sleep with wet hair. Before sleeping, make sure your hair is dry and your hair tied behind. Loose brad or ponytail is always best when sleeping.


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