Pool Party & Vacation Hair Style

We are using Vacation Hairstyle and Vacation Hair Style this week by using your ultimate pool party and your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. The three hairstyles are severely calm, while still getting it in the sheer heat and keeping it easy. So whether you are jetting for Ibiza or Marbella, you and your girlfriends are guaranteed to turn their head.

You can make these styles with your natural hair as well as your milk + blush extension, but if you decide to rock your M + B hair at a pool party or beach, then we do not wet them Advise to be. If you take a dip, then tie your hair out of water or in a high bunion to make these styles without your extension.

Scarf top knot

This hair styling is perfect if you want your hair to be cool in summer but still look lovely and express your personality.

Contrary to any other than a scarf makes this top knot. Not only does it add a pop of color, but it helps keep it smooth and whole day by keeping any layer or troubled vaginal hair out of the top knot.

There are several different ways to include this accessory in your top knot. We have used the tail-end of the scarves to make two strands of three strand bridges, but you can also use scarves to wrap around or even move around the hair.

Swept back and saci

This sweep back-hairstyle pool is perfect for the party. It keeps any unruly hair on the bay and it looks like you have stepped out completely with your hair outside the pool and have come back easily.

Hair products play a big role in making this hair – especially the products with great holding power and smoothing properties. We used a combination of TIGI bed head and TIGI bed head hard head hard head Hairspray after party styling creams so that the hair can bark back and hold it at that place, which is sleek, almost wet, form. Such products can also fight in the heat with a fridge so that you can be sure that your look remains smooth throughout the day.

This is such an awful form and is an ideal day for the night. After staying in the sunshine throughout the day, just comb through any flywheel, apply a little more hair spray and you are ready to hit the strip!

“Natural” Summer Curl

If your hair is flat and there is a lack of texture then this is a look for you. Using a chopstick curler you can give beautiful natural looking curls that stay all day long. Believe us, no one will know that you were not happy with all those quantities and boom naturally.

Because these curls are so tight that they live completely longer than the beach waves or classic curls, which means that you do not need to restore your hair once a day in the pool. . After this, they will not be beautiful even after being cute.

If your hair has a tendency to be moderate in humid weather, then this look will work for you. If some extra body only makes better – big hair, do not care!

If you recreate any of these forms with your milk + Blush Hair Extensions and share a picture on Instagram and tag, then we would like to see your summer hairstyles!

See full tutorial for each glance below!