The Ultimate difference between the Natural Hairs Vs. Human Hair Extensions

Both the natural hairs and the hair extensions have their own pros, cons, and limitations. Long, silk and volume hairs are the dream of every girl. But, in today’s hectic life it is almost impossible to have the long, shiny and volume hairs. Even if by God grace you have “Rupenzela” hairs, it is impossible to maintain them.

Today the market is full of “hair Extensions”. Basically, Hair extensions are the extended hairs which are artificially placed with your natural hairs to give them the desired look. In this blog, we try to categorize the pros and cons of natural hairs and hair extensions.


Hair Extensions Vs. Natural Hairs

The human hair extensions are in big demand today and are worn by every woman worldwide. When it comes to the natural hair extensions, people assume that all natural human hair extensions are same. But, to your wonder, there are various options in them and there are many differences among them.

  • Length and Volume

Hair Extensions (all types) provides the volume, glamour, and length to your existing hairs. Based upon your choice and preference, you can choose the best-suited hair extensions.

With the natural hairs, it is almost impossible to have the desired length and volume. Even if you are having long hairs but they are thin you cannot achieve the volume. Or if your hairs are volume but are short/medium, you cannot have the desired length. But, with the help of hair extensions, you can achieve both length and volume at the same time.

  • Time

Due to the dust, pollution and other problems maintaining and growing (length) the natural hairs are very difficult and time-consuming. With the natural hair extensions, you do not need to wait for ages to boost your hair length. All you need is to find the best Hair extension parlor and choose the extension as per your choice. And you are done with your part. Leave the rest to the hair experts. Within the few hours get your desired look, style and volume.

With the natural hairs, to boost the length of your hairs, you have to wait for the ages. Every human being is born with some volume of hairs and it grows with the time. But, after the decade, it starts getting thin.

  • Hair fall Problem and Tangling

One does not face the problem of hair fall with the hair extensions. Unlike the natural human hairs, there is no problem of hair fall. Also, there is no tangling. The market is full of options. You do not need a professional expert to take care of them.

Natural hairs often have the hair fall problem. They tend to fall with the seasons, dust, pollution or if you are lacking in nutrition. Also, due to no care, they often tangle.

The best part of the hair extensions is that they blend easily with your natural hairs if you fix them in the “Safe Zone”. Many people have the misconception that by attaching the extensions you will suffer from a headache as they are heavy in weight. But, the fact is that hair extensions are super light in weight and are very comfortable.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop the best hair extension as per your choice, style, budget and get ready to rock the world.