Best Hair Extensions of 2020: Your Official Guide to Fake (and Real) Hair

Ah, yes, the question that is in every human mind is: what is the best brand of hair extensions, how much do they cost, and how do I wear them? Thanks to owning a completely fake hair world over the years (the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan on you, and about 99 percent of celebrities in general), hair extensions have become the […]

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I wish I knew before… getting hair extensions

First, confession time. I used to be a hair-extension snob; Like the person who looked at his clip-ins with undisputed gaiety, pictures of celebrities who poorly matched and looked on with derision when fake hair dangled awkwardly under someone’s navel like a curtain, While everyone thought, “They can’t possibly see those things for real.” But then recently, things have changed. […]

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Hair Extensions

4 things to know before getting hair extensions

Who does not often want that their hair was long and full, worthy of the status of the supermodel? Some are born with flammable hair, but many others are not good, stuck with thin and thin locks, which can not help with the best hair products. The good news is that hair extensions can often grant the wishes of people […]

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Pool Party & Vacation Hair Style

We are using Vacation Hairstyle and Vacation Hair Style this week by using your ultimate pool party and your Milk + Blush Hair Extensions. The three hairstyles are severely calm, while still getting it in the sheer heat and keeping it easy. So whether you are jetting for Ibiza or Marbella, you and your girlfriends are guaranteed to turn their […]

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Long-haired people know that one of the biggest struggles is that everyone should cut it off and start with a fresh start. But, of course, we are playful creatures, so as we do, we remember long hair that we had! Growing long hair extensions takes many years, and when you do this, it is difficult to achieve a thick, shiny […]

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The Ultimate difference between the Natural Hairs Vs. Human Hair Extensions

Both the natural hairs and the hair extensions have their own pros, cons, and limitations. Long, silk and volume hairs are the dream of every girl. But, in today’s hectic life it is almost impossible to have the long, shiny and volume hairs. Even if by God grace you have “Rupenzela” hairs, it is impossible to maintain them. Today the […]

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Hair Extension image1

Making Style Statement with Hair Extensions

Be it long or short, black or blonde, your hair represents your personality, and in order to manoeuvre with the trends, you need to keep tweaking with your natural hair. But playing a lot with your natural hair may create breakers in the natural growth process. So, is there any alternative? Yes, there is, and we call it as hair […]

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Virgin Brazilian Deep Curly

Deep Wave vs Curly Hair,What is the Difference?

Deep wave vs curly hair, what’s the difference? As you know, length, color, and style are one of the main elements when you think of your virgin hair extensions, but hair texture is also very important because it can change your hairstyle to a great extent. From straight to curly – hair texture is really an important part in your […]

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