How To Get Your Natural Bone Straight Hair Without Relaxers | Tips & Tricks

Curly Coarse Hair to Bone Straight Hair

Having a thick, thick, curly hair can be a challenge when it’s a new time. If you want to see straight hair without the cost of an expensive hair salon or rigid unknown chemicals, you can choose what works for you and do it yourself in the comfort of your home, bathroom, living room or hostel.

Can! Essential products are very cheap, it can take less than 90 minutes (depending on the hair) and you know what is being used in your own hair. Go to many professionals, but if you are a busy person in the budget, then it works itself!

WARNING: Please use these steps as a guide, as per the style of your hair.

How to get your HAIR Bone Straight

Step 1: Gather Materials

You Will Need:

    • Hair Clip or Hair Relationship
    • a mirror
    • Heat protection heat
    • A spray based holiday in the conditioner of your choice
    • A level iron with temperature control and width of your decision (ideally 1.5 inches)
    • Air-drier
    • The deep conditioner of your choice
    • Shampoo of your choice
    • plastic cap
    • Paddle brush
  • Wide tooth comb or thin tooth comb based on hair texture

Step 2: Shampoo

  • Use shampoo of your choice to wash and rinse 2-3 times.

Note: It is best to use a wide tooth comb to dissolve between each wash.

Step 3: Deep Conditions

    • Apply a deep conditioner of your choice completely on the hair, starting from the section and end roots.
    • Apply a plastic cap and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse the deep conditioner and dissolve a wide tooth with the comb.

Step 4: Detangle

    • Depending on the thickness of the hair, sections in many parts as needed.
  • Use a wide tooth comb to disintegrate.

Note: Recommendations are recommended to reach the roots.

Step 5: Blow Dry

    • Apply a spray holiday in the conditioner of your choice.
  • Use the many clips or hair ties required for section hair and dry completely from the root to the tip.

Note: Dryers flying in a sideways naturally work well with curly or thick hair. In addition, the hair texture temperature should be adjusted according to the hair texture.

Thin and damaged hair is suggested to use less heat setting, while thick hair is recommended to use the medium to high heat setting.

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Step 6: Sectioning

  • Create several small sections in your hair (right picture) or a large section to catch it with a hair tie or clip at the top, and when you go, just drag small sections (left picture).

Note: The Number of sections depending on the size of the sections and the amount of hair can vary.

Step 7: Straightening

Once you clean, separate, dry and split your hair:

    • On the basis of the texture of your hair, turn flat iron on the temperature of your choice.
    • Take a small part (2.5 inches) outside the hair.
    • To protect the heat from the tip, hold the hair on the other side and use the other hand.
    • Take a flat iron and start with the roots, slowly go to the tip of the hair.
  • Repeat this step until all sections of hair are completed.

Step 8: Finishing Touch

Once each section is completed and flat iron:

  • Brush your paddle brush and/or slim teeth and brush them with a tip from the root.

Note: If necessary, you can add an additional sheen spray, but if the heat that protects the heat is a good one, then no additional need will be required.

Step 9: The End product

Congratulations, you have made it to the end!

Appreciate your hard work and style as a favorite!

Straightening Your Natural Hair

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Bone Straight Hair: Tips and Tricks for Sexy Straight Hair!

If you are like me, then maybe you are someone who has tried to look at all in the book. I have tried everything from big curly hair to brides, straight and silky bone.

I’m relatively young, but when it comes to appearing, I can confidently say that I have tried many people. Whatever I have tried to see, my favorite of them was to look straightforward.

When I first decided to get straight hair, I did not know what to do because I had no suggestion for the proper style of knowledge, equipment, and tips.

I was completely unaware that how to avoid seeing my flats for my organizations, from my hair to my makeup. I was disappointed, and in the end, I ended up changing the style to avoid the necessary work.

At that time, I want to show me how to grow with the straight hair of the bone. Due to the lack of brightness of the volume or curiosity, it is important to know that how to keep your style alive without changing the texture of your hair or completely change the form due to hair.

As always, we have covered you, and we will show you how to prepare your straight hair, makeup, and even your organizations to perform their new style best.

Before You Get The Straight Look

Before you can style your straight hair, you should first know how to get the look. There are several ways to make hair straight from extensions to natural, and we are going to go through each one.

It is important to understand that each method is different, and it is necessary that you choose your hair in the least harmful way.

If you are unsure about which style is the least harmful to you, then consult a hair stylist. A hairstylist can cut your style to fit your face and may use the least harmful methods to look at.

Unless you ask, you should be right. If you can, always try to avoid that option which requires intense heat. Rather than damaging it with too much heat, choose the option of nurturing your hair.

How To Get Natural Hair Bone Straight

Achieve the Bone Straight Look

If you are a person who is naturally curly hair, then looking straight is almost impossible. don’t worry. There are so many ways to look at this form without going up and out, and without harming your hair. If you are a person who refuses to use heat on your hair, even in the least amount, there are options for you too!

For those who are willing to use the heat, the most important factor is using the right products. Before diving to look sleek, it is necessary to have clean hair.

This is important because of product creation with “dirty” hair that can ruin the direct process. In addition to fresh hair, using moisturizer deep conditioner will help you achieve your desire.

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Clean Your Hair

To begin the cleaning process, find the right shampoo for your hair texture. Avoid shampoo in which harsh chemicals are for straightening hair.

Avoid alcohol as the main ingredient with anything as it will dry your hair and look almost impossible to see it directly. Try finding a tube of shampoo that is not very hard on your curl or your hair texture.

Remember that only half of the shampooing process, and when it comes to straightening your hair, conditioning is the most important process.

However, conditioning is essential, yet one of my favorite shampoos is Organic Shampoo Brazilian Keratin Therapy.

It is made with coconut oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, and keratin protein so that it nourishes your hair while lubricating your skin. When used in restraint and combined with the conditioner, it is not harmful; Your hair will look amazing after the procedure.

If you do not care much about the shampoo process, then one of my favorite conditioners is the RainPure Origin Brazil Keratin straightening conditioner to get straight hair.

There is no sodium chloride, salt, color, sulfate or gluten, and it is a color safe formula. This conditioner showed me the most greasy and kept my hair healthy. After cleansing your hair, the next step is to dry it before doing it straight.


Use The Right Tools

If you are using heat, try using a shock-dryer brush. A Bluetooth brush has many settings that can usually be adjusted in low heat so that it does not harm your hair.

You can buy a shock-dry brush from any local hair supply store, or if you are not opposed to spending some coins, you can buy high end from Sephora, or inverted beauty.

They are from $ 60- $ 120 By brushing a blow dry hair, you reduce the process of struggling to dry and brush your hair using two different products.

After receiving the Hairdryer Brush, the product you’ll need is a good direction. Suppose the quality of the ladder you use is necessary. It is straightforward to get a cheap staircase, but the issue with it is that the more economical the ladder, the lesser quality, the lesser the quality.

When you spend the right amount on the ladder, you get more options, easier results with less heat, it benefits. As always, it is necessary to use a heat protector spray so that you can protect your hair.

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How To Get Your Natural Bone Straight Hair Without Relaxers | Tips & Tricks

Favorite Hair Straightener

MK-Eye is one of my favorite straight to use Halo. Such a staircase has adjustable temperature settings, which means that if you want less heat, you can not use it to harm your hair.

When you get a straightforward look that you like and feel confident enough to use, then it is essential for proper direct technology. Divide your hair into section as your hair starts straight.

When you divide your hair into small pieces, you will be more successful because you will not have to go to your hair more than twice as much with the right hair.

Another big device is to apply stress while flat-ironing your hair. Of course, these techniques work only with different hairs, so make sure you separate your hair during the cleaning process. After completing your straightforward procedure, use moisturizing products to keep your hair straight.

All natural silk press on transitioning hair

Need No Heat?

For those of you who do not want to use the heat, the process will be a little more challenging.

You will do the same procedure for cleaning. Use a super-absorbent towel to dry your hair. It will take hours to dry, but this will benefit you, so you do not need to use heat.

Make sure you brush your hair until it is dry and use nutrients to keep it moisturizing and smooth. When you dry your hair, use the coolest setting on your hairdryer so that you are not using any heat.

You can also use the curler method, which is a method that shines your hair while you sleep. Make sure that your hair remains wet throughout the process for best results. The rap method is not another heating method.

When your hair is freshly combed and still there is salt, split your hair into segments and pin each part against your head separately. After this, wrap a silk scarf, a head or scarf around your head for your hair to stay.

Let your hair dry completely before taking it down and be ready to keep it smooth and straight hair. Keep in mind that most of these methods work best for those people who do not have thick or extremely weird hair.

If you do not want to adjust your real hair to get straight, sleek, hair, you can always get the extension. Of course, it is still important to do your research while using extensions. Whenever you buy hair, you are investing. Before that step consult a hairstylist, a wig specialist, or “weavologist”.

The advantage of not using your real hair is that you will not potentially harm it with excessive heat, and you can efficiently feed your real hair during these extensions.

Bone Straight

Style Your Straight Hair

Many people believe that styling bone is straight hair complex but in reality, there are several ways to style hair directly. The most important part of designing your appearance will always be the accessories.

When it comes to straight hair, stuff is your best friend. From clips to Bobby-Pin, everything for the panther holders will help you get a look that is not flat.

Apart from this, the way you divide your hair, you can make a difference in the way you present yourself. It does not matter how you get your bone straight hair; It can be styled in any way. Do not be afraid to spice up your look with some attractive stuff.

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The Perfect Makeup

There are so many make-up appearances that can be combined with looking straight to the bone. When I think of straight bone, I think that is smooth.

It is important to understand that dealing with silk hair directly because your hair is not as big as it would be, that you have to be more vibrant in other areas.

The best way to pay attention to your face without changing your hair is to focus on your makeup. Here are some make-up appearances that work well with straight hair of the bone.

Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips

Smoky eyes and nude lips are a great and simple look that works well with any straight hair look. If you do not know how to get a smoky eye, no worries, make-up tutorials are available.

The perfect nude lips are the product you use. One of my favorite nude lips is NYX Professional Matt or Fancy Beauty Matt Lip. Together with the smoky eye, there is a surefire way to turn these two lips head.

Dark Lip and A Neutral Eye

A dark lip combined with a neutral eye that seems to be smooth, straight hair for most people. A deep lip can be from deep red to dark purple.

To achieve a neutral eye, use the shadow of the closest eye color of your skin, and mix it adequately so that it is worth noting, but do not take back the look of the whole face.

One of my favorite dark red lips combos is the Fenty Stunna combined with a dark lip liner. When I do this, my lips stand and create glow in my face.

How to get your HAIR Bone Straight

Complete Nude Look

If you are someone who enjoys minimal makeup, then when you rock your sleek style, you should look completely naked.

To get a bare look, you will need to buy neutral items that match your skin tone but you have to provide natural coverage. A neutral looking blush and lips will help you look natural, yet innocent.

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Need Some Outfit Ideas?

Generally, I encourage people to wear outfits that they present the best. However, when I imagine bone straight hair, I imagine at least organizations that do not take care of your hair away.

With your hair, all your sleek glory, with your face makeup, your appearance should be highlighted. Generally, when I have straight hair, I like to be simple to look at. Simple jeans and oversized dress shirts work for me.

If I’m going out, I want to add my sleek hairstyle with a simple black dress, and stylized look. If you are a person who likes to be vibrant, then add color,

but make sure to look around the material to surround your hair because there is not much in the eyes. When I need organization ideas, I like to use Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration.

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What To Remember

While trying to get a new look, always remember to consult a professional if you are unsure what to do. It does not matter whether you are okay with heat; There is a way for everyone to see this bone straight. Be careful to damage your hair, always try to use minimum heat.

Always remember that you can get straight hair without tampering your real hair. Your friends are looking for accessories and different makeup! Do not be afraid to switch it; We are sure that you will not regret.