Best Hair Extensions of 2020: Your Official Guide to Fake (and Real) Hair

Ah, yes, the question that is in every human mind is: what is the best brand of hair extensions, how much do they cost, and how do I wear them? Thanks to owning a completely fake hair world over the years (the entire Kardashian-Jenner clan on you, and about 99 percent of celebrities in general), hair extensions have become the ultimate extreme hair trend that actually Looks attainable – if you do not have a team of professional hairstylists on call for help. Because i’ve come there

Call me your angel-haired! —Gumma, your extension guru, or even your friend (they): I have created the ultimate guide to the best hair extensions of all time, so that you can finally get butt-length / baby bangs / curly / your Whip the braid of dreams. Keep reading to find a breakdown on every type of hair extension (such as clip-in, tape-in, eye-tips, and more), which hair brand is best for you, and just how good it really is Looks, really cost you.

What is the best brand of hair extensions?

Honestly, there is no one answer, because the best hair extension for you, personally, “depends entirely on your budget, your skill level and the look you are taking,” Kat Lewis, Hairstylist And the head of education says Bellamy Bal. If you want some cheap $ 20 clip-in extensions that last one night, get some synthetic bundles from Amazon. But if you want high-quality, 100 percent remy hair that you plan on wearing for months and months, then visit a respected, review-backed brand such as Bellamy or Just Extensions. Actually, just keep reading, K?

What is remy hair?

Remy hair is a term for human hair that still has its cuticles intact (that means it has not been stripped of chemicals) and those cuticles are being treated the same way (as they grow from your head ). Basically, if you cut a hair cutter (um, considering tho?), They are remy hair. “The top level of hair extensions is 100 percent virgin remy human hair, which means that it has never been dyed or processed, it actually comes from a real human — you would be surprised how many packages that say hair Human hair ‘is mostly synthetic and Lewis says animal hair and its cuticles are still intact. Guess what else? It is not cheap.

How much does really good hair extensions cost?

Lewis says, “Listen, you get what you give.” “If you want permanent, butt-length Kim K. hair that’s 100 percent remy, then you wouldn’t find that for $ 50 – you’re probably looking at $ 1,000 in hair and installation.” But this does not mean that you need thousands of dollars of hair. “If you always wear your hair in a ponytail, you may not need 10 packs of keratin-bond hair for a ton of money – you just want a ponytail extension that’s a tenth of the price,” she it is said. “Why it is so, it is really important to go to a salon that specializes in extensions and talk them through the best options for your lifestyle, budget and hair type.”

Extension type

  • Clip-ins: Pre-clipped strips of extensions that snap sections of your hair to the right root
  • Tape-ins: Pre-tapped strips of extensions that are taped or glued to your roots by a stylist
  • Sew-in: Also known as a weave, these extensions are sewn to your own braided hair with a needle and thread for a stylist.
  • Keratin Extensions: Short strands of your own hair are heated and tied with keratin-based glue.
  • Eye-tips: strands of extensions to have your own hair strapped with a flattened microbed without using any heat or glue
  • Understood? Ish? good. Now see the best hair extensions of 2020 below.

Best Hair Extensions Overall: Bellamy Hair

Of all the hair extensions that I have ever seen, seen or worn, Bellamy’s imitation is the best, right along with the birth. The quality is only decently good: they mainly provide 100 percent remy human hair (meaning cuticles are intact and all facing the same direction) but some high quality synthetic hair (a rare, TBH). So really, you can’t go wrong with whatever hair you choose, which is good, because they have a ton of options: clip-in (long length, bangs and ponytail), sew-in, tape-in , Keratin-tip extensions, and I-tip extensions, all customizable lengths, density (so you don’t rip your hair), and color.

Overwhelmed? Yes. I got it. But luckily, most of these need to be professionally installed, so either go to a Bellamy beauty bar if you live near one or choose the right type to set up your own hairstylist. Help or just go the temporary way with some fun clip-ins.

Try what?

Full disclosure: I went on a trip with Bellamy to learn more about these extensions, and this is where I have actually found this hair to wear and can now indicate to be the best. In general, though, the Holy Grave is for the Bellamy extension, but can get a bit expensive as well, so if you’re a first-timer, I recommend trying the 18-inch Picoalkina clip-ins – those are $ 129 Are those who come in. 17 shades, and are made with 100 percent remy human hair (this is what I wore and looked like a real fairy princess queen). Lewis says, “Pro tip for clip-ins:” The next time you get your hair cut, take your clip-ins with you and have your stylist cut them to increase the length of your face and hair , “Lewis says.

Best Halo Hair Extensions: Hidden Crown

I mean, if these hair extensions are good enough for everyone’s favorite Grey’s Anatomy star Camilla Ludington on her wedding day, then they’re probably good for anyone, right? Hidden crown extensions are a favorite of celeb hairstylist Justine Marjan, and for good reason: her crown extensions are basically magic. The hair is joined by a clear wire, which gently fits around your hairline like a halo, which is then covered by a top layer of your own hair to hide it all. result? Fuller, thicker-looking hair without clip or tape.

Try what?

Um, hidden crown halo extensions, of course. Prices range from $ 199 to $ 449, depending on the length you want, and 100 percent human remy hair is available in 28 colors (including highlights).

Best Ethical Hair Extensions: Remy NY

Here’s a really fun fact about fake hair: It can actually be a shady business. And, disappointingly, as a consumer it is difficult to really know where your hair extensions are coming from and whether they are morally sour. Remy NY, however, is a ray of light among the shadows – they buy their hair (at a high price) directly from women in Vietnam, while helping them provide work opportunities. And the hair is gorgeous on its own: completely virgin (meaning it was never chemically treated or dyed) and available in clip-ins, keratin tips, ponytails and wafts.

Try what?

Because it is the purest color of pure hair (virgin remy), color options are limited: only brunette and black. So to make color matching easier, try the Ponytail extension, which comes in 10 inch to 24 inch lengths and starts at $ 149. And fun facts, you can dye it just like your normal hair – so if you have a slight tint to your hair, you can always color your extensions with a temporary color shine or take them to your colorist And color them what you want.

Best Seam-in Hair Extensions: True Indian Hair

WWTD, amirite? And apparently, Taraji does True Indian Hair Extensions (with Rihanna and Serena Williams), and as such, we all must trust True Hair Hair. The New York City-based company uses 100 percent unprocessed human hair, which, according to the brand, is derived “directly from donors in East Indian temples and in Brazil.” Thankfully, you won’t have to go far to get them – you can order straight, wavy and curly bundles, silk and lace top closures, clip-in ponytails, and more.

Try what?

Honestly, Spring for True Signature Wafers, which can be tailored by your own hairstylist if you are not in NYC. Or if it sounds like a ton of work, go for the Easy Clips, which, if you can’t guess by name, are super-easy clip-ins that range from $ 180 to $ 300 and length 14 Inches come from 26. Inch.

Best Tape-In Hair Extensions: Glam Seamless

Umm, Khloe Kardashian has worn these extensions, Ashley Graham has worn these extensions, your mom has probably worn these extensions – I mean, basically all you need to know, right? Although Glam offers seamless clip-in, hallows, wigs and wafts, they are the ultimate owners in tape-in ​​extensions (which both Khloé and Ashley wear). His hair extensions are 100 percent remy hair (cuticles intact and facing the same direction) and loved by celeb hairstylists such as Chris Appleton and Giovanni Vaccaro.

Try what?

No surprise here, but you should most definitely try the tape-in. Depending on which type you choose (Highlights vs. Full Weights vs. Wavy, etc.), they come in 12 inch to 24 inch lengths and have 10 + different shade types (including highlights, baillage and pastels) Huh. Try the Glam Seamless Remy Tape-In, which comes with 20 tapes for $ 130.