African American Hairstyles: 40 hairstyles ideas stay with you throughout the year

The African American hair style has inspired many popular looks which we all love today. There are so many creative, beautiful and easy styles to choose from, so we can not see how any of us can ever celebrate Bad Child Day. We went through some of our top natural hair articles to find the most prestigious hairstyles, and to be honest, we had a hard time trying to lower our favorite hairstyles by 40!

Scroll down to see our top hairstyles for African American women, bigger than protective styles, alcoholic and frozen and much more:

Fluffy Afro

African hairstyle is one of the top traditional African American hairstyles that we see today. Many women like to wear their hair in this style during their transition phase or just as a way to celebrate the beauty of the texture of their hair.

Twist Out

Natural African American Hairstyles – such as Twist Out and Brad Out – are simple and easy ways to get streaked curly textures without any heat. To make this look, create two-strand twist on your moist hair and allow your hair to dry overnight.


Teeny Wayne Afro

Small-haired girls will love this style idea. To get super-defined curl, you can use gel or sponge brush to style your teen winnie afro.

Strawberry Blonde Frow

Want to really make your hair stand out? Why not try a new color. This strawberry blonde color is extremely gorgeous and looks amazing against all skin tones!

Straight Pixie

Direct Pixie Hairstyles is one of the hairstyles for African American women who never go out of style. African American women can give this look a shot with their curly texture or straightening with a flat iron. If you are going straight, keep your hair safe with heat protection such as TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tam Spray.

Space puff

Love the space buns look, but still want to display and hug your drunken texture? Consider giving a shot to this space puffs style.

High Ponietal

Like Ban Hairstyle, we can never go to classic ponytail. Turn it one step down to the side.

Side Braid

Whether you have box braids or not, this Chunky Side Braid is a lovely style for African American women.

Scarf Updates

The scarf accessory is not just for tying your edges. Use it to update your entire look. Want to know how? Here are our favorite ways to wear scarf on natural hair.


Pink Apro

There are lots of ways to have fun with your hair. One of our favorite ways is to play with bold and bright hair colors. Try your hand in hot pink color in this season.

Pineapple Ponietel

Do not you like an easy and versatile hairstyle? Use this hair as a way to preserve your curl in the night or use it as a hairstyle.

Low Poniente

Done the day for boring ponytail hairstyles Turn your natural hair on an update or a side with a peak.

Low Cesar

Some women opt for super low haircut when they do not feel that they handle their hair styling daily. On the other hand, some prefer small African American hairstyles for its beauty. It does not make any difference to you, this hairstyle is beautiful and we love how it expresses the shape of any face.

Straight Natural African Styles

If you are a natural creature, who like to wear straight styles, then there is no shame in it. There are many ways you can style your straightforward look. Mix it back, or choose curl stick or curl iron with curl option.

High Top

Hip Hop Era Channel and Back Funky African American Hair Styles! When you are on this, there is nothing wrong in bringing back the fashion. Connect your high top apro with the pointed earrings of the beloved door.

Halo Twist

Everyone is wearing some kind of crown. Stand out from the crowd with this Anglic Twisted Crown Hairstyle.

Half Top Knot

Want a new way to style your afro? Throw the mini into the mixture.

Space buns

Space buns are on our radar last summer. Use this style to keep your hair during workout or play it as a hairdresser of your day!

Frock Hawk

They call it fake until you make it right? Okay, even if you do not plan to shave the edges of your hair, you can get in this fascinating hairstyle with this funny frock Hawk style.


Floral Afro

In this summer we are doing a field trip with floor afro trends! Find out how you can use different flowers to make your masterpiece in this season.

Flat Twist

This hairstyle recently made its way to the runway, but it has been one of the most popular natural hairstyles for African American women over the years.

Dreadlocks and Twist combo

Get creative with various African hairstyles. We love how this natural creature made the combo of Corno, Dreadlock, and Twist.

Curly Pixie

For African American natural hairstyles do not require minimal style in the market? Curly Pixie can be a wonderful hairstyle for you. All you need is a quick and easy wash and styling technique and you are good to go!

Micro Box Braids

If the jumbo box brads are not your talk, you can give a shot shot to the micro box braids. While styling microbrands, you really have to be careful, choose loose style to avoid breaks.

Corno Brads

There are many ways for women to celebrate your hair. One of our favorite genres is the Corno style. This style is great for wearing everyday, is a great workout hair style, or just use it as a technology for your brand-out style.


Tired of regular buns hairstyles? Get fancy and try updos to become complicated like this blunt style.

Ban on natural hair

If you want to update your African American natural hair style arsenal, never forget about the top knot style. This is a classic style for any type of hair.

Chunky Brads

Protective African American hairstyles are not boring. Try your hand at Chunky French or Dutch Brands and wear them about any event you like.

Brad Out

Whether you are transitioning or not, is the easiest way to achieve brad-out style stretch and healaceous curls. We like to use Suway Defin and Shine serum gel on the moist hair to make this style. Allow your hair to dry in the braids overnight.


Braided updates

There are lots of black hairdos for women we like which can easily be done at home! While we all like to go to the salon, sometimes it is better to do it myself. Try your hand in this simple lap upgrade style for special events or just for fun.

Half-Up Box Braids

It’s not everyone who likes to have their box braids free-flo. If it sounds like you, then choose the option of styling your hair in this trendy half-up hairstyle.

Box Braid Bean

Want a new way to style your box braids? A top knot is always a great style idea for any occasion. To avoid stress in the roots, be sure to keep it loose.

Bob Brads

When it comes to wearing your hair in a box-braid style, then there is no FOMO (fear of exhaustion). If you are itching for a bob, then you have to do it to cut your breeds over the length of the chin.

Bantu Knots

We love Bantu Knot hairstyles! For African American women, this gorgeous hairstyle can be worn anywhere and it’s really easy to do! We also like to use Bantu Knot technique to make beautiful corkscrew curls.

Formal update

Need a handy formal updo style for natural hair? Pull your curl back into this curl updo. Set with hair spray, such as TRESemmé Compressed Micro-Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray, which can provide a soft grip to your hair because it locks your hair. You do not need any professional help.


Big Puff

go big or go home! If you really have thick and shiny texture, then embrace it with this awesome updo style. Raise your hair by lifting your hair with afro pickup for the volume.


In the market for a fic and small form? This Undertak Style is all you need.


Try this twisted style with Marley Hairs and have fun with many ways of styling it.

Yarn Braids

Yarn Brads is a great option to try if you do not want to use extensions that are traditionally used to make box-brand styling.

The Wash and Go

Last but not least, we have to go wash and hairstyle! Every naturalist strives hard to learn the type of hair and gives the name of wash a wash method which works for it. need a hand? Here’s how you can make a wash and go style on your hair.